Bc3030 Week 5 Assignment Alternative Financing

Name: Type full name here Part 1: Short answer questions 17.5 points Complete each of the following quesTons. Write your answers in the spaces provided below the quesTons. Between health informaTon management and health informaTcs, which discipline is most closely associated with I± and which with health informaTon itself? 2.5 points Health informaTcs Healthcare faciliTes that do not adopt electronic record technology will begin facing penalTes in the year ____ . 2.5 points 2015 Up to this point, what has been the driving force behind faciliTes adopTng EHRs? 2.5 points HI±ECH IncenTve funds What two components are the diagnosTc and treatment protocols of evidence based medicine based on? 2.5 points Proven research and best pracTces from physicians experiences with paTents and their response from treatment Is a paTent’s personal health record a legal document? Explain your answer. 2.5 points No, It is paTent controlled and edited and maintained by the paTent. Also, there are no safegards to ensure that it is complete.

© Ultimate Medical Academy.BC3030: Week 5 AssignmentHow has electronic healthcare software evolved with U.S. healthcare?This assignment helps you understand how to compile information into a summary.Healthcare employees are expected to be proficient at operating electronic health records software (EHR) while complying with related laws.ResearchCurrently there are over 300 EHR software products on the market. Use the UMA Virtual Library and Internet to research oneEHR software product. Explain the general functions and special features of this EHR Software. Include information related to how the software protects patient information and provides resources to help users. Identify on what devices the software can be used.1.Cite your resources using APA format.http://www3.gehealthcare.com/en/products/categories/healthcare_it/electronic_medical_records/centricity_practice_solution22.Use the graphic organizer to record your findings.

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