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Welcome To The 10th Annual Disposable Solutions For Biomanufacturing Forum!

Navigating Automation, Continuous Processing, Sustainability and Process Optimisation through Disposable Technologies

The Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing Forum 2018 is the ONLY conference worldwide that focuses on the use of disposable products and single use systems in biomanufacturing. At no other event will you be able to look at depth into new technologies, determine how to approach automated systems and continuous processes while running a GMP compliant facility, gaging best practice in system testing, sustainability and life cycle management! 

Over 4 Days You Will Be Able To:

  1. Find best practice into how to achieve successful automated manufacturing processes with a brand new and exclusive pre conference workshop day 
  2. Explore future innovative trends in running manufacturing facilities to streamline approaches and optimise production cycles 
  3. Engage with fellow pharmaceutical manufacturing leaders to enhance best practice skills and benchmark your approach, with a 360 view on different areas in manufacturing through case studies, round tables, workshops and more! 
  4. Develop your understanding of life cycle management and product sustainability to start thinking about the environmental impact of disposable technologies

Disposables 2018 is specifically designed to cover unique challenges that occur in your manufacturing facilities. Join us to learn through real life case studies, small interactive round tables, workshops and panel discussions to get to grips with enhancing your manufacturing processes.

Chopra/Meindl 5/e CHAPTER SIX BioPharma Case Questions 1. How should BioPharma have used its production network in 2009? Should any of the plants have been idled? What is the annual cost of your proposal, including import duties? This solution was obtained using the tables displayed below. Note that Germany and Japan produced none of the Relax product and that side of their plants has been idled. The annual cost of this solution is: $24.85 Total Transportation Cost (millions) $1,268.31 Total Production Cost (millions) $195.15 Total Tariffs (millions) $1,488,315,983 TOTAL COST Highcal Production Plant Latin America Europe Asia w/o Japan Japan Mexico U.S. Brazil 700 1.2300 Germany0 150000 India00 5 3.770 0.35 Japan000 200 Mexico0000 3 12.65 U.S.00000 5 Total 7 15 5 7 3 18 Relax Production Plant Latin America Europe Asia w/o Japan Japan Mexico U.S. Brazil 700 2.7700 Germany000000 India0 0.65 3 5.2300 Japan000000 Mexico0 11.3500 30 U.S.00000 17 Total 7 12 3 8 3 17 Total Plant Output Plant Total Brazil 18 Germany 15 India 18 Japan 2 Mexico 30 U.S. 22

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