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While a resume provides information about your qualifications, a strong cover letter can be key to getting a hiring manager to even look at the rest of your application. Read through this free leasing agent cover letter sample and the subsequent tips to help you write your own cover letter. By showing your reader that you possess the personality and qualifications necessary to succeed in real estate, you will be on your way to a new job.

Free Leasing Agent Cover Letter Sample

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Dear Ms. Campbell,

I have lived in this city for many years and have always admired the look and cleanliness of the residential communities owned by your company. I take pleasure in interacting with all types of people and would find it rewarding to help them find a home in one of your communities. My sales abilities and communications skills could be an asset to your company.

I have worked as an independent sales agent for the past three years, and have learned how to sell a variety of products as well as how to communicate with prospective clients and earn their trust. I understand the importance of interacting positively with everyone and maintaining a professional demeanor at all times.

My bachelor’s degree in communications taught me how to use both verbal and nonverbal communication to express myself effectively and efficiently. I know how to use multiple techniques to convey my intended message, and my previous job has allowed me to apply my knowledge in a practical way.

Both my education and my experience have prepared me to be an excellent leasing agent. I am grateful for the time you have taken to read this and consider me as an employee. I look forward to further discussing my interest in your company during an interview.

Create Your Cover Letter

What to Include in a Leasing Agent Cover Letter

A hiring manager may have to read through many cover letters, so it is crucial to make sure that yours stands out. You can make your cover letter interesting by including specific statements about their company, as demonstrated in this free leasing agent cover letter sample. You can also set yourself apart from other applicants by avoiding clichés and words that are vague.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

While success as a leasing agent will require many different skills, there are some that are more important to this role than others. As shown in this free leasing agent cover letter sample, highlighting the abilities that set you apart from other applicants can give you an advantage.

• Salesmanship: A leasing agent should be able to point out the various aspects of properties that make them desirable to potential clients and encourage a positive response from them.
• Negotiation Skills: When the price of a living space is flexible, a leasing agent needs to be able to arrive at a price that is acceptable to both the client and the company.
• Detail-Oriented: There are usually many documents and contracts that must be properly discussed with and signed by the clients.
• Communication Skills: Interacting and communicating effectively with clients is a key skill that successful leasing agents should possess.

Carl Naples
1836 Stratford Park
Owensburg, IN 47453

Ms. Lucille Manns
Human Resources Manager
Avalon Bay Communities Inc
1624 Bingamon Branch Road
Oak Brook, IL 60523

May 28, 2010

Subject: Application for position of Apartment Leasing Consultant

Dear Ms. Manns,

I am applying for the position of Apartment Leasing Consultant as seen advertised. I believe the skills and experience I have to offer in this respect will prove to be of considerable benefit to Avalon Bay Communities Inc.

The experience and skills I have to offer Avalon Bay Communities Inc include:

– I hold a Masters degree in Business Management gained at University of Maryland in 2005.

– I have experience of the requirements of an apartment leasing consultant gained at Marquette Management where I worked for 5 years. I also worked at AMLI and George Realty.

– I fully understand the importance of presenting vacant apartments in a professional and compelling way, being courteous and polite to all prospective tenants, and answering all and any questions in a timely and accurate manner with a pleasant, confident manner.

– I am efficient at responding to the needs of existing tenants in a timely and accurate manner. I can handle complaints with tact and diplomacy, always seeking the best possible outcome for everyone.

– I am able to develop strategies to try and retain the most suitable and desirable tenants, recognizing that their well-being is highly important.

– I am tactful and diplomatic when dealing with debt collection or late payments from tenants.

– I present a pleasant and pleasing manner to all tenants and prospective tenants at all times, whatever the situation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering me for this position, and I look forward to the chance to expand on my qualifications, experience and skills at interview level.

To this end you may contact me at (222)-406-2246, or send me an email at c.naples@zmail.com. I thank you again for the opportunity to be of service to you in the post of Apartment Leasing Consultant.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature hand written in blue pen ink)

Carl Naples

Encl: Resume

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