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By the time the American colonists had reached the point of a revolution, there was a good sense of identity and unity between them. It took a great deal of time and effort by the men leading the country to get the colonists to attain colonial unity and suspicion and envy slowed colonial unity. These road blocks were removed when the colonies were forced to fight and work alongside each other for their rights.
The struggle for colonial unity was a battle of great importance for the survival of American freedoms. The poster “Join or Die”, published in 1754, in the Pennsylvania Gazette, was the work of Ben Franklin and was created during the French and Indian War (Document A). It was used to show the importance of colonial unity when the…show more content…

The colonists even went as far as pledging their loyalty by sending the Olive Branch Petition to King George III in 1775. When the peace offering was rejected, many colonists wanted independence in order to save the rights they believed were theirs. Richard Henry Lee wrote to Arthur Lee In 1774 saying that “…N. America is now firmly united and as firmly resolved to defend their liberties ad infinitum against every power on earth that may attempt to take them away “(Document C).
Another thing that helped the American colonists to develop a sense of identity was that face that they were 3,000 miles away from the British. The British allowed the American colonies much more freedom than other colonies because of the great distance. This leniency in ruling led the colonists to start to form their own local governments and to work together. This gave them a totally unique identity. Edmond Burke, a member of the House of Commons, wrote in 1766 that “The eternal Barriers of Nature forbid that the colonies should be blended or coalesce into the Mass…of this Kingdom.” (Document B). The American colonists grew used to this leniency so when the British began to actually start enforcing laws and placing taxes on the colonies the people became greatly distraught, further separating themselves from the British.
Many different aspects of the American colonists set themselves apart from the British.
Distance as well as years of relaxed rule and a huge cultural

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