Hnd Computing Personal Statement Examples

Since first being able to play on "Paint box" at lower school, I have always had a fond interest in computers. My decision to study computing at higher education level was an easy one. Firstly, I love using computers; in fact I am renowned as a bit of a computer trouble-shooter amongst my friends. Secondly it is my most successful subject. This is clearly shown from the outstanding grade B I achieved in my AS practical coursework module, which I thoroughly enjoyed completing.

Once completing my studies, I would hope to work in part of an ICT technical support team. As part of my work experience, I joined the ICT team at a local business where I was given lots of responsibility for ensuring backups were complete considering I was only a year ten student! As well as this I was also involved with the repair of computers and training some members of staff on new procedures.

Through my current studies, I have learnt many cross subject skills, as well as specific knowledge that relates to each module. For Example, I have learnt presentation skills and improved report writing skills throughout my subjects.

In design, I am currently making an office desk, which I thoroughly enjoy. During the design process of this process of this project I was able to use Pro-Desktop, a piece of software which allows you to create 3D rendered drawings. I think that using ICT in this way has lead to a significant improvement in my work. In Media Studies, I have developed my analytical skills, through comparing the view part of different films.

My current study of ICT is focused around a problem solution at the minute. From a previous job, I have decided to make a database system for ordering supplies for a pharmacy.

Through a part-time job at a local chemist, I have improved my confidence by talking to customers and helping them make a decision over their purchase. I was also given the responsibility handling cash through the operation of a till. I also have been given the responsibility of being a key holder to the shop.

In my spare time, I am involved with the scouts. I am currently working towards my Duke of Edinburgh Silver award where I am organising a 30 Mile hike for between 4-7 people. This will aid me in planning things in later life.

Overall I believe that a university education is an excellent way into the ICT industry and would love to be given the opportunity to study at your establishment.

Sample Information Technology Personal Statement

Ever since my childhood, computers have been a crucial aspect of my life. I have relished every opportunity that I have had to either study computing at school, or to learn more about IT through a hands-on approach of experimenting with computers myself. The IT world is an endlessly complex one that is continually changing, with each advance bringing with it countless new possibilities to benefit mankind and the societies that we live in. My home country has undergone rapid changes for the better in recent years, and many of these have been a direct result of advances in information technology. I am an ardent patriot, and I believe that my passion for computers and IT could be put to use not just for my own personal fulfilment, but for the benefit of my country. It is for this reason that I wish to study for an advanced degree in the field of information technology in the United Kingdom, a country whose universities occupy a leading role in the educational world and whose IT sector is amongst the most dynamic in the world.

Through studying information technology at university, I hope to build on the skills and knowledge that I have already gained from my previous educational experiences and my own self-study. My goal is nothing less than to gain a thorough knowledge of all the critical aspects of information technology, such as programming languages, software engineering, networks, information systems and hardware development. Having immersed myself in the world of computers for quite some time now, I am fully aware of the complexities of all these areas, and as a consequence I believe that it is essential for anyone who aspires to work in IT to have undertaken the sort of rigorous studies that only an advanced degree can offer.

Recently I had the opportunity to learn more about the professional applications of information technology and put into practice the knowledge that I have gained in this area so far by completing a summer internship in the information technology department of a large company based in Hong Kong. The experience fired my interest in the world of information technology, and it was a real pleasure to find out about the challenges that face IT professionals in their daily lives. I enjoyed working on a wide variety of assignments during the internship, and valued the opportunities that the placement gave me to develop both my technical skills and personal attributes such as problem-solving and working as part of a team.

I lead an active and busy life outside of college. In addition to spending much of my spare time developing my IT skills through reading about the subject and programming, I am also a keen footballer. I was captain of my school’s football team, a role that I was honoured to hold. I relished the challenge of leading by example on the football pitch, and I also enjoyed the wide range of additional responsibilities that came with the position, such as organising training and managing things such as transport to and from matches and the team’s kit. I felt particularly privileged to be awarded the second prize for performance in my college’s football league. I also enjoy singing, both individually and as part of a group, and I was recently awarded third prize in my college’s singing competition.

I am wholeheartedly looking forward to the opportunity to study computers and information technology at a British university. The United Kingdom is a world-leader in this sector, and I feel that by learning from the world experts who work in the computing departments of Britain’s universities and by studying alongside bright and eager minds who share my love of computers, I will be granting myself the best possible chance to prepare myself for a future career as an information technology professional. I hope that I will be able to put the knowledge that I gain and my career aspirations to use for the good of serving my country in the future.

This sample Information Technology personal statement should be used as a guide to write an individual personal statement of your own that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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