New Year Resolution 2014 Essay Outline

I have been at university for three years now and each year my New Year's resolution has been basicallly the same: to be a better student. Here are five ways to make that come true.

1. Go to lectures and seminars

Before you skip another lecture, think: why am I missing part of an education that costs me £9,000 a year?

Lecture and seminars cover the content you are going to be tested on and by missing them you could fall behind.

After you leave university, potential employers may ask for a reference from your lecturers. So are those early morning lie-ins really worth missing out on your dream job?

2. Pick your nights out

After a week of clubbing, you can actually forget you are studying for a degree. Yes, uni should be fun, but your degree must come first. So while getting drunk, eating fast food on the way back home, and passing out on your bed may seem endlessly pleasurable, you need to work at some point.

Don't think tomorrow will come along and solve all your problems. If you've got a raging hangover, you'll be lucky to get out of bed. The answer is to ration your nights out, or your degree might get lost along with your memories of the night before.

3. Limit the shows you watch

When an essay is looming, the television shows you can access on your laptop will seem much more attractive than that document with your first few shaky paragraphs in it.

Limit the number of shows you watch. Don't start a new series before you have finished an old one. Or stick to live TV – at least you can't get tempted to watch episode after episode.

4. Save energy, save money

In student accommodation, gas and electricity is covered. But when you move to private housing you have to pay the bills.

Turn lights off if you aren't using them and don't leave your laptop charging 24/7.

Do you need to waste water and energy by running a bath and lying in your own filth for an hour? Most probably, no. Cut the waste, and you will save your precious student loan.

5. Do the housework

In my experience, 95% of arguments in student housing are centred around the washing up. Wash up straight after a meal so you don't forget.

If you don't do your fair share, the dishes will pile up and one unfortunate housemate will have to tackle it all – hardly good for house dynamics.

Dirty dishes are just one part of the mess that we generate. Why not make a cleaning rota to share out the rest?

What are your New Year's resolutions? Or do you prefer not to make them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

As December comes to an end, we inevitably find ourselves reflecting on the past year and making resolutions for the year to come. If you’re a writer, there’s a good chance that some of the goals you’re setting have to do with your craft.

Here at StoryStudio, we’ve had an eventful 2015 and have lots in store for 2016, including new classes, more events, and expanded online content. But all of us on staff are writers, too, and we’ve all been making personal writing resolutions alongside our StoryStudio grand plans.

Earlier this week, Jill shared her writing resolution for 2016 and her technique for accomplishing it. Today, the rest of the staff is chiming in with our writing resolutions for the year. Here’s what we’re working towards in 2016:

Writing Every Day

2016 is going to be a hectic year with lot of changes in store. In the past, writing has been the part of my life that got put on hold to make space for everything else. This year, I want to keep my commitment to writing amidst the chaos. I hope to write every day. Sometimes that might mean the decadence of scheduling a few hours, but sometimes it might mean snagging ten minutes before collapsing into bed. Time to listen to great advice from other busy writers – like writing tips from Jennifer Coffeen and the TimePie from Jill Pollack. – Sherry Welch

Submitting Work and Reading More

Like a lot of writers, I find submitting my work to literary magazines and journals to be really tough: knowing when your piece is ready, finding places to send to, waiting, waiting, more waiting, and of course, rejection. This past fall, I got my first publication in a great literary magazine, Midwestern Gothic, and while I’m sad to say it did not magically solve all my problems and make publishing easy, it definitely motivated me to put myself out there more. So, my resolution this year is to submit more essays and stories to literary magazines. After all, no one ever got published by never sending out any work.

In addition to submitting more, I also want to read more. Like all writers, I already read a lot, but I know I could be reading more. I’ve decided to take on the Book Riot Read Harder challenge, which seems like a really fun way to up my reading game. – Maria Hlohowskyj

Getting to the Next Level

After a year of changes in my personal life it’s time to take my writing to the next level. My writing resolution is get more work finished and out in the world. I’m going to start with smaller pieces- writing and performing essays for Fillet of Solo and the kates. I also want to focus on finishing the latest draft of my novel and sharing it with a few trusted readers for feedback. – Jennifer Coffeen

Rediscovering the Joy of Writing

No page quotas or word counts for me in 2016. Instead, I’m planning to return to something less tangible: joy. In the middle of hard revisions, stuck drafts, uncooperative characters, and swift rejections, it can be difficult to remember what’s fun, enjoyable, and playful about the whole process. I’ll come back to the pleasure of reading books I love, or find examples of artistic work that lightens the mood. A year of happier writing.– Scott Onak

What are your New Year’s writing resolutions? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, and stop by our Open House to chat with us about your goals. Don’t forget, winter classes start January 12th— perfect timing to start 2016 off right.


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