If You Were An Animal What Would You Be Essay

If I Were an Animal, I Would Be a Lion

If I were an animal, I would definitely be a lion. This is due to the fact that lions, as opposed to other animals of the cat family, have a tendency to conduct their hunting activities in groups. This increases their chances of conquering preys that are much bigger. In this life, there are a lot of challenges that make our existence stressful and complicated. This is why, when I come across any difficulties, I usually ensure that I establish teamwork with my allies, because I know that two heads are always better than one. I frequently compare my challenges to those of a lion, for example, when it wants to kill a prey such as a hippopotamus. A hippo can be approximately 10 times or more the weight of a single lion. However, the combined effort of lion’s pride makes the prey vulnerable and easy to kill.

A lion will do everything in its power to protect itself as well as its territory from endangerment. Similarly, I consider myself to be very protective of my own security as well as of security of people that are close to me. Nonetheless, just like a lion that intimidates intruders from afar before getting into an actual fight, I always appreciate the use of diplomacy before starting a confrontation. This is due to the fact that…

Today students from my 8th grade English club wrote creative essays to compete in the International Creative Writing Contest. They had one hour to write on the topic “If you could make a new animal, what would it be like?” or the topic “If you were elected president, what would you do on your first day in office?”

I LOVED reading their responses! The two top winners won by writing on the first topic. I found that this topic helped them to be more creative. The people who chose to write about what they would do as president were extremely informative. They wrote many things such as “we cannot eliminate corruption, but we can minimize it”. But since the task was to be creative I didn’t choose one of them. I think we have a few little politicians on our hands here in Bonga! I’m voting for the boy who wrote he would help to eliminate car accidents!

The thing that made me happiest while reading these responses is that I could tell by their writing they had been learning from our creative writing classes. In the past 2 weeks we did a few things like reading folktales, and talking about creative topics such as having superpowers. If given the chance these students imaginative powers will be able to shine! They don’t ever get the chance in school to be creative and have fun while learning so I was happy to give them this opportunity. I will definitely try to make more creative classes in the future. If you have any good ideas for lessons let me know!

Here are my two winners. The first one by Abel had me cracking up. He did a little drawing of a bear in the middle but since I was typing on word I could get it in there so just typed where it was supposed to be. The second one is written by a girl who I KNOW will go on to do great things for Ethiopia. She’s extremely motivated and talented.

Name: Abel Abebe
School: Bandira Primary School
Town: Bonga
English Teacher: Getachew
PCV: Katrina
13 years old
8th Grade

If I could make a new animal, it would be like. It has four legs. But it has help human beng by keeping, source of many new talent. He play football, he is joker. People enjoy by that new animal he read folktale book for childrens and he can fix old machins. He make new machins. He help childrens by calculate maths and physics. And it is source of energy for people. If the light go off the new animal give light or electric.  If people craying he make happy. He helps all country then people not go by foot because the animal can transfor peoples place to place. He can make many machines by using old material make a new material. By the way his name is CJ7 because last night I saw CJ7 film. CJ7 is like (there is a drawing of little bear ) but I saw in the film CJ7 small but I make a big CJ7 like hourse. If not for people it also help for solders by give guns for solders. He can exchange ideas with people he speake all language of the world. He has camera on the eye he can save all sawn and he has many folktale. He can swim on the water. He can prevent axidens.

Name: Wubanchi Aklilu
School: Bandira Primary School
Town: Bonga
English Teache:r Abera
PCV: Katrina
13 years old
8th Grade

On the world there are different animals. Some of them live with people and other lives at forest with their family. And all this animal cant live forever; they will died by different causes but Kime is different from these animals. He is a good animal. He lives on big beautiful house and He can flay & he’s color is white. He has a super power. By using this power he helps people. His work is safing people and animals life like spider man specially he love children. He look like an angle. He eats sweet foods. He kills dangerous animals that want to damage people and animals life. He is so kind. He helps government by tooking out crimers and gangs. This means- in the world ther will be peace and development.

I love myKime and all people love him. He is the only animal that seen before. I wish you a long age my sweet animal Kime.



Btw here is a picture of CJ7. I had to google it.

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